About Us

We live in an era where clients want to partner with providers that can help them be faster,better and cost-effective.

At QualTrendz we strive to deliver transcripts and translations to our clients faster using our experienced staff (within 48 hrs for transcriptions and 72 hrs for translations). Better by ensuring that every client delivery is executed by our well trained professional staff and ensuring every job under goes a thorough quality assurance process by our managers to ensure we are delivering the best possible deliverable to our clients every time. Lastly we are able to do it cheaper than our competition by deploying streamlined processes, well trained staff, and our online platform to keep our costs and overhead low.

After over 4 years of delivering end to end full service market research services to our clients, IBI Global Research Solutions the parent company of QualTrendz decided to create a dedicated website/portal to cater to our Transcription and Translation clients. This dedicated site allows us to better serve our clients through a streamlined site that makes it easier for our clients to interact with us and at the same time allows us to deliver a better overall product that minimizes overhead and costs, which along with our dedicated team enables us to deliver quality services and deliverables, at competitive prices while keeping the turnaround time low.

For more information on our other services which include online survey programming, online panel services, CATI, recruitment, open-end coding please visit us at ibigrs.com or email us at [email protected]